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The TrafoLab, a former transformer station in the Hanover suburb of Kleefeld, is intended as a place to bring people together on the subject of “light and art” and network them. The focus is on experimenting together in space and working on objects. A wide range of protagonists from art, business and society meet monthly at the Electric Café to exchange ideas or initiate light art projects.

The place in which electricity was transformed, networked and distributed in the past thus becomes a meeting place at which the future is transformed. New ideas are transplanted and transported in workshops; this is interesting for all those who are in search of a dialog allowing them to work on transdisciplinary problem solutions.

The TrafoLab was founded by the well-known light sculptor Franz Betz (franzbetz vision) from Hanover. In addition to leading the “TrafoLab” project, he is co-organizer of the Open Light Festival “Ihme-Vision” and chairman of Werkbund Nord e.V.

The first successful projects have been initiated since the lab was opened in June 2015. For example, the pilot project “Lichtkunst-Farbraum” (“Light Art Colour Space”) took place in cooperation with the company Keimfarben GmbH. Here visitors were able to discover new light and colour spaces thanks to mobile walls and light sculptures. It is planned to continue the project in 2016. Pupils of the Maximilian-Kolbe-School and the Werkstatt Süd were able to build works of light art for themselves in a weekly light art workshop. The youngsters then showed their works to the public in the course of a summer festival.

The TrafoLab was awarded the Innovation Fund 2015 of the City of Hanover.

About franzbetz vision

What started out 1987 with “franzbetzdesign”, has by now developed into a pool of creatives and creative network “franzbetz vision”. Franz Betz, light sculptor, is the person beyond this. Based on the key elements “light and material” he created his three brands kraftplex®, f-io and trafolab®.

kraftplex® is a natural, sustainable wooden sheet for wood craft, trade and industry; f-io teamskulpturen is a sculpture-kit for coaching, team events and city marketing; and – nevertheless the light art laboratory Trafolab®, a place for experiments with light and material and networking. Those together form franzbetz vision.

His art work is documented on www.franzbetz.com.


Franz Betz
Light sculptor
+49 (0)173-8809900

Nackenberger Str. 2
30625 Hanover, Germany

TrafoLab® is a registered trademark of atelier franzbetz